Our experts specialize in creating and fitting
Custom Stainless Steel Exhaust Systems,
created from high quality parts that are uniquely combined together
to give you a sound and performance that you desire
and at the same time a style to admire.    
We also supply and fit 
K&N Airfilters, Sports Cat and perform ECU Remapping
for those who are looking to get the maximum power from their car.
For more information give us a call.
An Evolution Chips Remap Will Give You The Following Gains:
* More Horsepower.
* More Torque.
* Improved Throttle Response.
* Smoother Power Delivery.
* Safer Overtaking.
* Guaranteed Better Fuel Economy (Diesel only)
Our power gains and improved fuel economy are achieved by very careful matching of parameters
such as boost pressure, fuel delivery rates & pump timing along with adjustments to maps that
electronically limit torque, throttle response and top speed. All this information in your ECU calibration file is carefully optimised to our exacting standards and then programmed back into your ECU and the vehicle comprehensively tested before we allow you to take the vehicle away.
When You take Your vehicle Away, You Will leave With:
* A 30 Day No Quibble Trial Period Available.
* A Lifetime Warranty On All OBD Port Remaps.
* Guaranteed Better Fuel Economy On All Diesel Remaps.
Most vehicles with DPF will need to have it replaced at some point which can be
quite costly we can alter the software in your ECU so that your DPF can be safely and properly removed
from the vehicle without logging any error codes.
Benefits of diesel particulate filter removal are:
* Better Performance
* Increased MPG
Avoid Expensive Repair Costs
The Diesel particulate filter is A LEGAL REQUIREMENT for road use in the UK., but we can remove it from the ECU if the vehicle is not being used on the road or if the ECU is being used to power a vehicle that is not subject to DPF legislation for example.